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We are not tax advisors however we are able to provide you information on current taxes that will affect your property investment. The tax environment in the UK is generally quite favourable in comparison to other major world property investment locations, and has been a significant driver of property investment in the UK over recent years.

Stamp Duty

In December 2014 significant reforms were made to stamp duty land tax. There is now a progressive tax rate system, similar to income tax in the UK.

See table below:

Prices From:

Purchase price of property Rate paid on part of price within each band
Up to £125,000 0%
Over £125,000 and up to £250,000 2%
Over £250,000 and up to £925,000 5%
Over £925,000 and up to £1,500,000 10%
Over £1,500,000 12%

In April 2016, additional changes were made to Stamp Duty Land Tax, with the introduction of a 3% surcharge, specifically affecting second home purchases (worldwide assets).

The HMRC have created a new Stamp Duty calculator to help you work out how much tax you are due to pay:

Capital Gains Tax

Currently as a non-resident of the UK, any profits made when you come to sell your property are exempt from CGT.

The UK government has however set out new rules that will see non-resident owners paying CGT on UK property from April 2015.

Any profits from the disposal of the property will be liable for CGT in the same way that UK residents are on second homes. CGT, currently payable at 28 per cent for higher-rate taxpayers, will only apply to gains made above market values from April 2015, however.

Non UK Residents Landlords Tax

Any agent or manager receiving rent on behalf of a non-UK resident (ie. out of the UK for 6 months or more) must withold 20% (or equivelent base rate of tax applicable at the time) of the monies received against the possible future tax liability of the landlord. However, if a non-resident landlord’s tax exemption form is completed prior to a letting, an exemption certificate is issued by HM Revenue and the rent will be paid gross.