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The Orion teamwork extremely hard to exclusively bring you a range of the best overseas new build property available.

Whether you are looking for an apartment for your child studying in London, or you wish to build a UK investment portfolio, we will provide expert advice to assist your decision-making.

We are dedicated to making the process of purchasing an overseas property as straight forward as possible (see “How it Works”).

searchOur team researches the market for the best new build opportunities to bring to Shanghai.We study the properties in great detail and evaluate each on its own merits.We consider all factors affecting the likely performance of a property, including location, rental yields, capital appreciation, tax environment, developer track record, local infrastructure and public transport, education, local culture and entertainment.

Together with our partners in the UK, we will make sure you have the right legal, finance, leasing and management team in place to successfully complete the transaction and look after your investment.