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Why invest in the UK?

Culture & Heritage

Britain has many historic monuments, royal palaces and some of the world's best museums, galleries, theatres & restaurants.

Economically and Politically Stable

London’s residential property market is seen as a safe haven. Steady growth and low volatility have characterized the market over 35 years.

Mature Real Estate Market

The most recognised and established investment property market in the world. A strong resales maket ensures there is good liquidity at every price level compared with some less established global centres.


The UK is home to many of the finest schools and universities in the world.


The UK has a transparent property market where property tenure is certain and underpinned by the legal system.


Positioned uniquely at the centre of the global time zones, London is the financial & business Capital of Europe.

We are a leading UK property company, based in Shanghai.

Our knowledge and years of experience working in London, enables us to offer unrivalled service to clients in China looking to invest in the UK. We offer a range of contemporary new build apartments to suit your individual investment requirements.

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